"My experience with California Coastal Loans is nothing short of magic. My offer acceptance rate is thru the roof and my clients LOVE that their very first offer is accepted (and so do I)!" - Monica Villalobos

The Power We Give Our Real Estate Partners:

  • 15 day close of escrow
  • 0 loan contingencies
  • 7 day appraisal contingency
  • Just as strong as a cash offer

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Realtor Benefits:

1. Get paid sooner
2. Get your clients into escrow with the first offer written
3. 90% of our clients get their first offer accepted with what we do.
4. Get more referrals from your clients
5. Negotiate from a position of strength not weakness and get your clients a better deal.

Why Partner With California Coastal Loans:

Are you tired of writing offers in a hot market, only to get beat out by the competition? What makes their offer rise to the top? If it’s a full price all cash offer, well that’s tough to beat…but how often is it just a competing offer that somehow the listing agent chooses over yours?

We give you the power to succeed with the 15 Day Close! With CA Coastal Loans as your lending partner, your offer is the next best thing to all cash…. how do we do it? By being proactive and doing all the up-front work to underwrite your file before your client finds that perfect home. By pre-underwriting the file, you can offer a 15-day close of escrow with ZERO loan contingencies and just a 7-day appraisal contingency! Your offer vaults to the top of the pile! Our research shows that 90% of our clients get their very first offer accepted using the 15-day close!

What does this mean for you? Less time between client search and transaction close, which translates into a faster paycheck. Your clients love you because they don’t have to fall in love over and over again…you made their dream a reality! Which turns into more referrals and the cycle repeats….faster closings, happy clients, new referrals and you succeed! Seller’s agents have a new respect for your offers as your reputation spreads as the lightning fast closer!

If you would like to increase your business by 30% this year, please give us a call. We can further explain the 15-day close and also show you our co-branded client appreciation program which is setting new standards in the mortgage industry! Our “blue boxes” marketing is sure to impress!